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Socialist leaders and freedom fighters like S. M. Joshi, N. G. Goray, Shirubhau Limaye founded Rashtra Seva Dal on 4 th June 1941. S. M. Joshi was the  first Dal Pramukh. Sane Guruji, great Marathi literary figure. Was his friend, guide and philosopher. A galaxy of devoted socialists like Nath Pai, Bapu Kaldate, Mrinal Gore, Anutai Limaye, Sudha Varde were the leading lights.     For the last 74 years Rashtra Seva Dal continued its activities. There have been ups and downs. But the organization never deviated from its chosen course of activity.
          At present, Rashtra Seva Dal units are functioning in the various states like Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Uttarakhanda, Jammu-Kashmir and other.

1.    To strive to bring about radical changes in social, political and economic structure of Indian society so that Bharat as  a nation, can be built on the basis of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity. Every male / female citizen should get adequate opportunity to lead his / her life as per his / her aptitudes, aspirations  and serve the nation with the best of his / her abilities.
2.    To build up a strong chain of devoted, disciplined and competent activists who will engage themselves in nation building activity.

          After due deliberation, the Rashtra Seva Dal has adopted Secular Nationalism and Democratic Socialism as its ideology.
Its guiding principles are,
1.    Scientific approach.
2.    Secularism – meaning thereby regulating worldly affairs, not by following the dictates of any religion, sector or creed by representative institutions keeping welfare of all as its objectives.
3.    Nationalism with forward looking approach.
4.    Democracy.
5.    Socialism.

a.    To organize small groups (evening shakhas of school going children and train them in physical activities, chorus singing, short orientation classes etc.
b.    To conduct weekly study circles, shram dan shibirs, mass awakening campaigns on issues like reservations for SC / ST / VJNT / OBC, opposing emergency to restore democracy, participate in peaceful struggles aiming at resisting repression and exploitation of toiling masses.
c.    To run educational, health and other constrictive activities on cooperative basis.

 Organizational Structure
          Rashtra Seva Dal is a registered public trust and has a constitution of its own. Any male / female citizen of India, on attending 18 years of age and who agrees to pay allegiance to its objectives can enroll as its member. Biannual fees is 10 rupees. Office- bearers and committee members at village to national level are elected.
          There are full time activists who mainly look after the Shakha and periodical cams.

          While helping youths to understand political activities and functionary of various democratic institutions, Rashtra Seva Dal does not fight elections. Nor is affiliated to any political party. Its members are expected to oppose communal and anti social parties / groups / candidates.

 Central Office
          The central office is at Sane Guruji Smarak, Sinhagadh road, Pune 411030 and functions on all week days. House journal called Rashtra Seva Dal Patrika is published regularly monthly in Marathi.  

          Activists and well wishers are expected to pay Dal Nidhi on 28 th December ( Foundation day of Rashtra Seva Dal ) every year. Members and well wishers also give donations as and when required. Rashtra Seva Dal does not like to take money from foreign funding agencies. Accounts of income and expenditure are maintained regularly and audited every year.
          Rashtra Seva Dal accords high priority to the character building activities by promoting respect for manual labor, simple living, discharge one’s duties faithfully, extending helping hand to the disaster affected and other needy people, Personal integrity and transparency in all dealings are values every member of Rashtra Seva Dal is expected to imbibe and practice.
Seva Dal Badhana hai, Parivartan Lana hai.